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Replacement Parts for Type VH21 Compressor

Available Parts

Crankshaft 2-06-373-01

Crankshaft Drive Dog 2-06-310-02

Crankshaft Clamping Ring PSB003-005

Crankshaft Oil Seal PSB007-005

Connecting Rod Assembly 2-05-104

Connecting Rod Bolt 2-05-104-02

Connecting Rod Nut 2-05-104-03

Split Pin NSBP-220-019 or MB075-39

Small End Bush PSB014-005

Big End Bearings PSB014-002

Crankcase Breather PSB024-001

Crankcase Guide Door Gasket PSB008-006

Bearing End Cover Gasket PSB008-119

Crankcase Door Gasket PSB008-005

Main Guide 2-07-280-01

Main Guide O Ring PSB006-001

Oil Pump Gasket PSB008-023

Flywheel End Cover Gasket PSB008-013

Gudgeon Pin 2-31-045-02

Crosshead Circlip MB137-09

Oil Pump PSB017-003

Oil Suction Strainer PSB025-001

Scraper Box Support Plate Gasket PSB008-015

Scraper Box Gasket PSB008-016

Oil Scraper Box PSB032-001 (White Metal) or CC1011485 (PTFE Seals)

Support Plate PSB032-003

Window Nut MB130-01

Main Bearing PSB014-001

Bearing Locknut PSB002-003

Locking Washer PSB004-002

Oil Seal Spacer Ring 2-25-109-02

Oil Filter Gasket PSB008-009

Oil Cooler 2-34-459-05

Piston Rod Crosshead Nut PSB002-009

Securing Pin PSB001-002

1st Stage Cylinder Parts

Cylinder Top Cover 2-04-431-01

Cylinder Top Cover Gasket PSB008-001

Cylinder Inlet/Delivery Gasket PSB008-103

Piston Rod Packing PSB032-005

Suction Valve PSB027-002

Suction Valve Actuator PSB028-001+PSB028-045

Suction Valve Cover 2-70-126-02

Suction Valve Cage 2-70-126-01 + 2-70-524-01

Valve O Ring MB133-48

Valve O Ring MB133-49

Valve Spacer Ring PSB003-006

Delivery Valve PSB029-102

Delivery Valve Cover 2-70-127-02

Delivery Valve Cage 2-70-129-02 + 2-70-552-01

Piston Top Half 2-28-747-01

Piston Bottom Half 2-28-747-02

Piston Ring 2-28-764-03

Bearer Ring 2-28-764-04

Bottom Reinforcing Washer PSB003-001

Piston Nut PSB002-004

Piston Rod 2-30-320-01

2nd/3rd Stage Cylinder Parts

3rd Stage Cylinder 2-01-888-01 or CC1017901

Cylinder Top Gasket 2-01-842-02

2nd Stage Delivery Gasket 2-01-842-04

2nd Stage Inlet Gasket 2-01-842-03

3rd Stage Inlet/Delivery Gasket 2-01-843-02

Piston Rod Packing 2-64-167-01

2nd Suction Valve 2-70-553-01

3rd Suction Valve 2-70-649-02

2nd Suction Valve Actuator PSB028-017

3rd Suction Valve Actuator PSB028-045

2nd Suction Valve Cover CC1017903

2nd Suction Valve Cage 2-70-525-01

Valve O Ring MB133-48

Valve O Ring MB133-49

2nd Delivery Valve PSB029-104

3rd Delivery Valve 2-70-650-02

2nd Delivery Valve Cover CC1017904

2nd Delivery Valve Cage 2-70-554-01

2nd Stage Piston Bottom 2-28-833-08 or 2-28-833-03

2nd Stage Piston Ring CC1099678 or

2nd Stage Bearing Ring CC1099681 or

3rd Stage Bearing Ring 2-28-833-07

Piston Top Washer PSB003-003

Piston Bottom Washer PSB003-001

Piston Nut PSB002-004

Piston Rod 2-30-320-01

2nd/3rd Stage Piston Top  2-28-833-09

3rd Stage Bearer Ring 2-28-833-07

3rd Stage Piston Top Cap 2-28-833-02

Miscellaneous Available Parts

BlowDown Valve PSB012-063 or CC1069654

Diffuser PSB012-064

Water Flow Indicator 2-45-2515-04

Water Globe Valve 2-45-1678-06

1st Stage Relief Valve PSB013-073

Gasket for Intercooler 2-01-842-03

Gasket for Intercooler 2-71-801-05

2nd Stage Relief Valve CC1036539

Gasket for Aftercooler 2-72-688-06

Final Stage Relief Valve PSB013-075

Temperature Switch PSB012-015

All parts are designed/selected to replace original equipment and to equal or  outperform original equipment.

Worcester Compressors Ltd
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