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Replacement Parts for Type W70H-AL Compressor

Spares List

O Ring Y38243

Bearing Y16900

Oil Seal Y09671

Bearing Y08485

Oil Seal Y37665

Crankshaft Y50152

Fan Pulley Y50701

Gasket Y37323

Oil Pump Y37321

Oil Filter Canister Y30048

Gasket Y38506

Oil Suction Strainer 15342

Sight Glass Y37593

Gasket Y08392

Gasket Y36404

O Ring Y38249

Gasket Y19313

Belt Y50574

Bearing Y16743

Bearing Y11865

Circlip Y10335

Impeller Y50698

Fan Pulley Y50702

Non Return Valve Y50222

O Ring Y25559

Cylinder Head Y50162

Gasket Y50089

1st Stage Reed Valve Y39947

Gasket Y34484

Bonded Seal Y25581

Cylinder Y50181

O Ring MR1295-30v

2nd Stage Suction Valve Y34788

2nd Stage Delivery Valve Y34789

2nd Stage Valve Seat Washer Y08561

O Ring Y30236

Piston Y50180

Piston Ring Y50138

Bearer Ring Y50823

Piston Ring Y13273

Slotted Ring Y11151

Gudgeon Pin Y34476

Circlip Y34477

O Ring Y38110

Connecting Rod Y50153

Bearing Y50155

Cylinder Y50156

O Ring Y37590

Cylinder Head Y37380

3rd Stage Concentric Valve Y30111

3rd Stage Valve Seat Washer Y30112

O Ring Y30113

Piston Y50160

Piston Ring Y50534

Crosshead Y50158

Gudgeon Pin 42570

Circlip 9107/7

Connecting Rod Y50154

SOC Ring Y50535

Cylinder Head Y25573

4th Stage Delivery Valve Spring Y16411

4th Stage Delivery Valve Disc Y16413

4th Stage Delivery Valve Seat Y16391

4th Stage Delivery Valve Seal Gasket Y25045

4th Stage Suction Valve Spring Y16415

4th Stage Suction Valve Disc Y16414

Cylinder Liner Y50732

O Ring Y50733

Cylinder Y50731

O Ring Y38766

Crosshead Y50157

Piston Y50161

Piston Ring Y23222

Crosshead Y50159

Bearing 42567

Filter Y30080

Filter Element Y30080/FE

Safety Valve Y17413

Safety Valve Y23181

Safety Valve Y51393

All parts are designed/selected to replace original equipment and to equal or outperform original equipment.

Worcester Compressors Ltd
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