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Replacement Parts for Type V130H-WL (W1234) Compressor

Spares List

Crankshaft Y30023/S

Bearing Y31026

Bearing Y30065

Bearing Y30263

Bearing Housing Y30034

Bearing Housing Y30035

Oil Seal Y30040

Oil Seal PTFE Y51310

Gasket Y30043

Gasket Y30045

Filter Y30048

Oil Pump Drive Dog Y30316

Gasket Y30053

Sight Glass Y31424

Oil Suction Strainer 15342

Gasket Y19313

Gasket Y30061

Pulley Y30392

Pulley Bush Y30393

Cylinder Y30071A

Cylinder Liner Y30073

O Ring Y30072

Piston Y30085

Piston Ring Y30086

Piston Oil Control Ring Y30087

Gudgeon Pin Y30088

Circlip Y30089

Connecting Rod Y30064

Small End Bush Y30066

Bearing Y31085

Concentric Valve Y30074

Concentric Valve Y31363

O Ring Y30079

Cylinder Y30091

Cylinder Liner Y30093

O Ring Y30092

Piston Y31079

Piston Ring Y30102

Piston Oil Scraper Ring Y39167

Piston Oil Control Ring Y30103

Circlip Y31063

Gudgeon Pin Y31060

Connecting Rod Y31061

Small End Bearing Y31062

Concentric Valve Y30094

Concentric Valve Y31364

O Ring Y30099

Cylinder Y30107

Cylinder Liner Y30110

O Ring Y30109

Piston Y39684A

Piston Ring Y30120

Concentric Valve Y30111

O Ring Y30116

Piston Y31083/1 - for Helium machines

Connecting Rod Y31081/1 - for Gas Machines

Concentric Valve Y31365 - for Gas Machines

Cylinder Y38317

Cylinder Liner Y30125

O Ring MR0295-30F

Piston Y31078

Piston Ring Y30137

O Ring Y38224

Concentric Valve Y30126

Piston Y31084/1 - for Helium machines

Concentric Valve Y31366 - for Gas Machines

Cooler Element Y38212

Cooler Element Y38400

Cooler Element Y38700

Cooler Element Y38716 - below 4000psi

Cooler Element Y31446 - above 4000psi

O Ring Y31431

Gasket Y38215

Safety Valve 15277/70

Gasket Y38219

O Ring Y30142

O Ring Y30124

Gasket Y30166

Filter Y30080

O Ring Y30058

All parts are designed/selected to replace original equipment and to equal or outperform original equipment.

Worcester Compressors Ltd
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