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Replacement Parts for Type V195L-AN Compressor

Spares List

Gasket 8603

Gasket 8607

Gasket 14307

Gasket 10840/13

Gasket 10840/3

Pulley 25015/01

Air Filter 15126

Cylinder Head 25007

1st Stage Suction Valve BU1414001

1st Stage Delivery Valve BU1414002

Piston 15500

O Ring 9017/25/75A

O Ring 9017/35/60S

O Ring 9017/36/75A

Piston 13340

Guide Ring 13342

Piston Ring Spacer 13343

Spring Ring 10442

Piston Crown W13341

Piston Ring 10441

Cylinder 8570/10

Oil Wiper Elements 14348

Guide Cylinder W25004/1 

Guide Rod Piston 25002

Gudgeon Pin 42570

Circlip 9107/7

Oil Pump BU1410004

Crankshaft 8562

Gasket 8602

Gasket 10578

Gasket 8601

O Ring 9017/42/60

Bearing 8586

Oil Bypass Valve 41102

O Ring 9017/10/75

Filter 10369

Thrust Washer 8598

Oil Seal 8624

Bearing 8582

Connecting Rod U1470001

Master Con Rod U1470003

Link Con Rod U1470002

Gasket 14016

Gasket 14025

Oil Filter Element 13320/3

Gasket 40482

Air Filter 10101/1

Crankcase Breather 8632

Air Filter 15126/1

Top End Gasket Kit SK019901

Btm End Gasket Kit SK019902

Minor Service Kit SK019904

Major Service Kit SK019905

Remote Location Service Kit SK019906

All parts are designed/selected to replace original equipment and to equal or outperform original equipment.

Worcester Compressors Ltd
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