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Replacement Parts for Type V22H-AL Compressor

Spares List

Connecting Rod c/w bushes Y28082

Connecting Rod Small End bush Y28083

Big End Bush Y25008

Flywheel Y25011

Fan Blade Y25012

Fan Blade Retainer Y25013

Gasket Y25017

Gasket Y25019

Bonded Seal 10001/9

Bearing Y25022

Bearing Y25023

Circlip Y25024

Oil Seal Y25025

O Ring Y25064

Crankshaft Y29262

O Ring Y24364

Cylinder Head Y37692

Gasket Y25031

1st Stage Reed Valve Y37636

Gasket Y35334

2nd Stage Suction Valve Y25548

2nd Stage Delivery Valve Y25549

2nd Stage Valve Seat Washer Y25547

O Ring Y30378

Cylinder Y30364

Gasket Y35333

Safety Valve Y20899

Filter Element Y22445

Filter Element Y37670

Piston Y35330

Piston Ring Y08082

Piston Ring Y25121

Oil Control Ring Y35352

Gudgeon Pin Y36381

Circlip 82017

O Ring Y25117

Cylinder Y25306

3rd Stage Suction Valve Y25307

3rd Stage Delivery Valve Y25308

3rd Stage Valve Seat Washer Y25309

O Ring Y25069

Gasket Y25061

Safety Valve Y23182

Safety Valve Y23700

Piston Y25311

Piston Ring Y38039

Piston Ring Y25312

Piston Ring Y38040

Piston Ring Y25313

Gudgeon Pin Y25315

Cylinder Head Y25302

4th Stage Delivery Valve Spring Y16411

4th Stage Delivery Valve Disc Y16413

4th Stage Delivery Valve Seat Y34606

4th Stage Delivery Valve Seal Gasket Y25045

4th Stage Suction Valve Spring Y16415

4th Stage Suction Valve Disc Y16414

Cylinder Liner Y35139

O Ring Y25047
O Ring MR0221-16F

Cylinder Y25050

Piston Y35138

Piston Ring Y35140

O Ring Y27637

O Ring Y22181

All parts are designed/selected to replace original equipment and to equal or outperform original equipment.

Worcester Compressors Ltd
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