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Compressor Coolers

Available Parts

Oil Cooler 2-34-459-05

Oil Cooler 2-34-570-02

1st Stage Intercooler 2-71-507-03

2nd Stage Intercooler 2-71-509-04

1st Stage Intercooler 2-71-530-03

2nd Stage Intercooler 2-71-531-04

2nd Stage Intercooler 2-71-560-03

1st Stage Intercooler 2-71-561-01

2nd Stage Intercooler 2-71-578-02

1st Stage Intercooler 2-71-579-02

1st Stage Intercooler 2-71-651-01

2nd Stage Intercooler 2-71-652-02

1st Stage Intercooler 2-71-713-01

1st Stage Intercooler 2-71-738-02

2nd Stage Intercooler 2-71-739-02

1st Stage Intercooler 2-71-757-02

2nd Stage Intercooler 2-71-758-02

1st Stage Intercooler 2-71-766-02

2nd Stage Intercooler 2-71-801-02

1st Stage Intercooler CC1025386

2nd Stage Intercooler CC1025387

1st Stage Intercooler CC1031015

2nd Stage Intercooler CC1031931

All parts are designed/selected to replace original equipment and to equal or  outperform original equipment.

Aftercooler 2-72-587-03

Aftercooler 2-72-610-01

Aftercooler 2-72-628-02

Aftercooler 2-72-638-02

Aftercooler 2-72-643-02

Aftercooler 2-72-688-02

Aftercooler 2-72-689-02

Aftercooler 2-72-694-02

Aftercooler 2-72-702-02

Aftercooler CC1003469

Aftercooler CC1025388

Intercooler CC1030341

Intercooler CC1061214

Aftercooler CC1082903

Tubestack PSB033-001

TubeStack PSB033-004

Tubestack PSB033-011

Tubestack PSB033-018

Tubestack PSB033-019

Aftercooler Assembly D1253-1

Aftercooler Assembly D1279-1

Worcester Compressors Ltd
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